Friday, 21 October 2011

Paying Agents The Right Way: Crescent Processing Company

Some people tend to talk about how Crescent Processing Company lacks efficiency in terms of paying its sales agents with the right amount of fees. There had been insufficient salary balances given to workers or these payments were always been given late. To answer this, we must look at the company’s payment agreements and processes.

First, when a person agrees to be an independent sales agent for the company, he or she receives a laptop. It is then very useful for all the necessary presentations, video and visual information for clients, and also with different application uses. There should be a deposit of 0 to the company before actually being able to use the laptop.

Installments are also an option for those who find it heavy to pay the entire whole amount. It would be easier for the sales agents to choose the option of paying an amount of that will be deducted from the first few sales. Hence, the total amount of the closed sales always has a lacking .

Other agents often forget about this option, and they come out surprised and confused with the deductions made. There are actually some who would prefer not having the laptop because of its costs. For security reasons, the sales agents should use the company's laptop so that there is a private deal and procedures of the transactions that are only between the company and the client.

One more complaint usually handled by Crescent Processing Company is the checks payments done on a late schedule already. According to some sales agents, the payment does not arrive on the expected date. There are a lot of persistent questions on when would the actual payments be released.

Is the company really delaying the payment due its sales agents? Why are the checks not being released on time, as many agents have experienced? There should be a thorough study on this issue.

For every closed deal and sale, the right amount of commission is given to him or her by the company. The agents would then try to receive the commission automatically after the deal was done. There is never an automatic processing for the commissions earned by the agents and they usually don't know this fact.

Applying as an independent sales agent of Crescent Processing Company also includes a brief but concise explanation regarding how they are paid. They are told that the company does not start processing the checks upon the date of the sale. Once the sales done by agents are final and merchants already activated their account, they can then have the right to demand for the processing of the payment.

Even if agents are explained clearly on how deductions for laptops go about, they still remain doubtful and unsure about them. So when their checks are “delayed”, they wonder why and they raise complaints against Crescent Processing Company. Crescent Processing Company has their valid reasons and basis why the payments for commissions are delayed in such a manner.

The complaints that were usually bombarded against the company by some agents are commonly exaggerated and overrated. This is basically a result of how some people lacks proper understanding. Knowing the process of the company and their rules will enable agents to understand how they truly work.

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